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How cloud innovation is transforming healthcare, data interoperability, and compliance.

Cloud power drives superpowered healthcare

MedCity News recently published an article authored by Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explaining Supercharged IT, superclouds, and superpowered healthcare – what they can deliver.

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Advocating for Feasible Cloud Transition in Public Sector Health

In commentary published by the Federal News Network, Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller championed the position of public sector health organizations and outlined IT strategies for leveraging cloud power to enhance government function. Data-led cloud migration for public sector health organizations lays out a reasonable path to achieving radical power that works well for staff- and resource-strapped health-related services, agencies, and institutions.

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Abstract: Healthcare’s Journey to the Cloud

This month, Medical Economics published an article by Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explaining that the role of the MSP in healthcare IT is “ to radically streamline cloud migration, implementation processes, compliance controls, and ongoing data management safeguards for perpetual preparedness, reliability, and efficiency.”

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Abstract: A Brighter Cloud-Powered Future for Healthcare

Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller recently authored a guest column for MedCity News noting that while facing the pandemic, we “experienced a decade’s worth of technology adaptation and adoption in the space of mere months.”

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Abstract: Microsoft Azure and Healthcare Evolution

In an analysis published by HIT Consultant recently, Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller dives into Azure news with Cloud Technology and Healthcare Evolution: Microsoft in the Spotlight. Gerry writes that “Microsoft has been aggressively investing in making its Azure cloud computing service attractive to healthcare for hosting, building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.”

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Abstract: Speeding Toward Cloud Maturity in 2021

In a contributed article for Network Computing this month, Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explained What Cloud Maturity Means in 2021.

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Abstract: ONC Final Rule Compliance Means Embracing the Cloud

In his informative MedCity News article Leveraging the cloud to meet the ONC final rule compliance deadline, Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller explains how the ONC Final Rule deadline signals it is high time for health providers, networks, and vendors to evolve their IT infrastructure — and why the cloud really is the only way forward. As he writes: 

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Abstract: Cloudticity’s Commitment to Excellence as a Healthcare Partner

Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller recently authored a guest column for MSPInsights outlining 4 Pillars For Cloud MSP Excellence In The Age Of Relentless Innovation.

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Abstract: The Power of AIOps

In a special guest feature for insideBIGDATA, Cloudticity’s Gerry Miller explains AIOps, which Gartner defines as a process that “combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination.” 

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Abstract: Explaining HIPAA, HITECH and HITRUST In Healthcare IT

Cloudticty’s Gerry Miller recently wrote an article for ELECTRONIC HEALTH REPORTER explaining that there is no such thing as a “HIPAA certification” to prove compliance, which any organization dealing with personal health information (PHI) must do —  “even if you are just a subcontracting service provider.”

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