Abstract: IT Lessons From Covid-19 on Building a Pandemic Insight Engine

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

In his article published by HealthIT Answers, Cloudticity Founder Gerry Miller identifies 5 keys for a unified technology deployment strategy in a public health emergency to enable Building a Pandemic Insight Engine.

Utilizing his experience developing data solutions to combat COVID-19 and coordinating with hospitals, health information exchanges (HIEs), government agencies, and IT consultants, he explains:

“Combatting a new and highly contagious disease presents a wide range of challenging problems. But in many ways, our tools only exacerbate the issue….In the U.S., sharing or transferring data between health systems is clunky at best, largely due to a patchwork system of medical record technologies that don’t always speak the same language. As a result, health authorities don’t have ready access to complete and accurate information. As one national science reporter recently pointed out, America ‘has a Covid-19 data problem.’”

However, “unified strategies for streamlining data and deploying technology in a public health emergency can create a kind of pandemic insight engine.” What does it take? Read the full article here.

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