Abstract: Microsoft Azure and Healthcare Evolution

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

In an analysis published by HIT Consultant recently, Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller dives into Azure news with Cloud Technology and Healthcare Evolution: Microsoft in the Spotlight. Gerry writes that “Microsoft has been aggressively investing in making its Azure cloud computing service attractive to healthcare for hosting, building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.”

Gerry goes on to detail the IaaS shared responsibility model as it pertains to healthcare organizations modernizing their IT infrastructure, and explains the nature of Microsoft’s HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Azure healthcare customers. 

Ultimately, Microsoft’s investment is a win for the healthcare industry and it’s inevitable embrace of the cloud: “The upsides of cloud power are too significant to ignore: scalable, agile, cost-efficient technology resources running secure, reliable, and largely automated services that extend capabilities while actually reducing complexity.” Read the full article here.