Abstract: A Brighter Cloud-Powered Future for Healthcare

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller recently authored a guest column for MedCity News noting that while facing the pandemic, we “experienced a decade’s worth of technology adaptation and adoption in the space of mere months.”

In Forecasting cloud-powered progress in 2022, Gerry notes that in regard to healthcare technology and medical advancement, “we’re starting to grasp the power of our new tools for facing future threats. To wield them, we require a significant upgrade in the agility of our development and IT models because we are going to need the ability to manage more clinical trials much more quickly than we did in the past. The cloud is proving crucial in that process. It’s time to flex and adjust. And I’m excited about how cloud technology can help speed both regulatory innovation and clinical trial innovation in support of this mission.”

Gerry argues that cloud technology will also prove crucial in sustaining and optimizing gains in telehealth prowess, as well as the advancement of precision medicine. For more details on these insights, read the full article here.