Abstract: Cloudticity’s Commitment to Excellence as a Healthcare Partner

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller recently authored a guest column for MSPInsights outlining 4 Pillars For Cloud MSP Excellence In The Age Of Relentless Innovation.

As explained in his column, cloud managed service providers (MSPs) “supply a variety of adoption, transition, and enhanced utilization services for leveraging cloud power, ranging from general-purpose enterprise IT modernization to vertical-specific solutions customized to specific industries and/or regulatory compliance, availability, and security requirements.”

While Cloudticity specializes in enabling digital transformation for healthcare organizations — including providers, payers, public sector entities, and life sciences companies — the cloud MSP ecosystem is “swelling with helpful vendors serving as ‘Sherpas’ for digitalization” in a wide variety of industries.

To demonstrate value, Cloudticity maintains a commitment to technical excellence as a partner to the healthcare industry. And Gerry believes that all cloud MSPs, regardless of focus area or industry served, should do the same across four key pillars to fulfill their mission.

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