Abstract: Speeding Toward Cloud Maturity in 2021

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

In a contributed article for Network Computing this month, Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explained What Cloud Maturity Means in 2021.

Briefly, a Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) maps an organization’s journey to cloud-powered modernization and outlines the acceleration of IT efficiency and capability in the service of business objectives. 

As Gerry writes, “the impetus for migration usually starts with total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis…[but] progressively, the outcomes that our clients experience become less technical, less financial, and more strategic. And as we move our clients through the cloud maturity model, the types of outcomes that we get to talk about become more compelling...That’s always been the goal of a CMM. What’s different now is the speed at which companies can get to those higher and more compelling levels of function.”

The pace of the CMM journey and the pace of cloud evolution have both accelerated: just “look at Amazon’s What‘s New with AWS? page or Microsoft’s Azure Updates page to get an inkling of how quickly advancements roll out — there were dozens of updates to both in just the first month of 2021!”

To learn more about what that shift enables, read the full article here.

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