Abstract: Cloud Utilization in the Healthcare Industry

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

In his first contribution to the MedCity News Health IT Influencers section, Cloudticity founder and CEO Gerry Miller writes about the unique constraints of cloud utilization in healthcare. Using the covid-19 pandemic as the backdrop, he notes that 2020 showed “ how the healthcare world can turn on a dime — and its technology needs to be up to the task.”

He points out that “by now, everyone is familiar with the benefits of cloud computing, including reduced capital investment, easy access to information, baseline security, service-level agreements, and (perhaps most importantly) radical scalability.” But Gerry also details how “the cloud service provider business model poses particular challenges for companies in the healthcare industry in three areas: control and visibility, availability, and data security.” The article details how organizations can overcome these challenges with the aid of managed services and reputable cloud service providers.

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