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How The Cloud Is Improving Healthcare Data Interoperability

Healthcare providers generate a tremendous amount of data. Hospitals and doctors’ offices use computer systems for managing patient information such as records, tracking, and billing. All of these systems need to communicate with each other when they receive new information or when they wish to retrieve information.

This exchange of massive data sets and sensitive information creates huge challenges. In order to understand where we are today with healthcare data solutions, it’s helpful to take a look back at how the industry has evolved.

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Cloud Adoption in Healthcare: Breaking the Barriers into a Healthier World

We all know that America is in the midst of a public health crisis and that we will face a shortage of up to 95,000 physicians by 2025. The good news is that there are many technologists out there who see the problem and are actively creating solutions to fix it.

Caredove, for example, is an e-referral platform that is connecting infants with screening programs in order to identify and stop the development of life-altering diseases. Boston Children’s Hospital, too, created an Alexa-based ICU tool that helps streamline clinical operations, freeing up hospital bandwidth. Similarly, Cloudticity offers data interoperability solutions that collect, manage, and analyze data, allowing healthcare, life science, and genomic companies to spend less time trying to make sense of their data and more time actively helping the world.

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MagicBox: The End-To-End Solution For HITRUST Certification

HITRUST certification is many things. It’s a shortcut to securing your system against the danger of data breaches; a process for ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulations; and a competitive edge for your business in the increasingly crowded healthcare information security space. One thing it is definitely not, however, is an easy accomplishment.

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How The Cloud Cuts HITRUST Cost, Complexity, And Timelines

More and more healthcare organizations are discovering that HITRUST certification is critical to their success. While it’s not mandated, many providers and payers require their vendors be HITRUST certified. Because of the rigor of the process, certification also offers a competitive advantage for organizations that attain it.

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Cloudticity Oxygen Compliance - A New HITRUST Audit Experience

Now that you are acquainted with HITRUST and have chosen to continue your journey, I want to thank you again for being proactive! If this is your first compliance series post, please start below:

  • If you are new to HITRUST, start here.
    • To get a complete picture of the HITRUST Maturity Model and get some helpful tips from Cloudticity's experience, read this blog post.
  • If you need more information on Cloudticity Oxygen, start here.
    • Interested in how Cloudticity Oxygen alerts map to HITRUST? Check out this blog post.

For everyone else, each month we (usually) look into at least one Cloudticity Oxygen service or feature, focusing on how it helps achieve HITRUST controls. This month is slightly different! Our last full HITRUST audit happened in 2017; we have now begun our updated full HITRUST audit based on a substantially updated set of controls, thus we want to share our new experience with you. Stay tuned next month for more Cloudticity Oxygen services or experiences.

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