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Kubernetes in Healthcare: Five Reasons SaaS Providers Should Adopt Today

As COVID-19 spreads across the globe, the need for innovative healthcare technology solutions is greater than ever.  We see healthcare organizations every day who are rising to the occasion by creating new solutions, modifying existing applications, ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes

How Cloudticity Customers Are Helping To Fight COVID-19

Never before in history has the entire healthcare industry been solely focused on the same thing, until now.  ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in covid-19, coronavirus, case study

Three Reasons COVID-19 Is Pushing Health Information Exchanges To The Cloud

A 2017 study by Trust for America’s Health declared Public Health funding a national crisis. It highlighted the need for Public Health entities to “address gaps in critical infrastructure and update outdated systems and technologies.” ... Read more
| Author Gerry Miller, tagged in healthcare data interoperability, covid-19, health information exchange, HIE, COVID-19 data solutions

Empower Your Remote Workforce With Amazon WorkSpaces

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting life, more people than ever are suddenly working from home. For employers, especially in healthcare, there’s pressure to enable this transition without compromising compliance or efficiency.  Thankfully, Amazon ... Read more
| Author Steven Middleton, tagged in covid-19, amazon workspaces

The Cloudticity Cloud Maturity Model: A Holistic Cloud Strategy For Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face significant challenges due to the constraints of their legacy on-premise architectures. From expensive and inflexible storage to lengthy hardware provisioning processes, on-premise infrastructure is becoming outdated ... Read more
| Author Thomas Zinn, tagged in cloud maturity model

The HITRUST Shared Responsibility Matrix: Achieve HITRUST Faster With Cloud

Since its founding in 2007, HITRUST has worked to establish programs and frameworks for safeguarding sensitive information, managing risk, compliance, and related assessment and assurance methodologies. Since then, the HITRUST Common Security ... Read more
| Author Gerry Miller, tagged in HITRUST, HITRUST CSF

MSPs With Lax Security Measure Are Compromising Client Environments, Says Louisiana Secretary of State

If you've tuned into the cybersecurity news lately, you'll notice many MSPs are being challenged with having lax security measures for the businesses and government entities they service.  At a recent meeting of the National Association of ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Security, cloud security

5 Benefits of Kubernetes for Healthcare

In today’s digital economy, nearly every company is a software company to some degree. In the healthcare field, organizations of all sizes leverage technology to improve patient to provider communication, deliver faster services, and reduce costs. ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes

I Heart Kubernetes

If you’re like our friend Steve and you’re spending Valentine’s day cuddled up with your laptop, that’s okay! There are quite a few other amazing things to embrace, including Kubernetes. ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes, EKS

How Cloudticity Automates Kubernetes on AWS

As healthcare organizations leverage the public cloud to build complex multi-tiered applications, they are finding it increasingly difficult to deploy and manage these systems in a secure, scalable, and consistent manner.  To solve some of these ... Read more
| Author Rob Williams, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes