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Healthcare Data Breaches: Causes, Types, and Prevention Strategies

Healthcare Data Breaches Currently Under Investigation The healthcare data breaches that grab news headlines are just the tip of the iceberg. There are in fact more than 850 data breaches from the past two years that remain under investigation by ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in Security

The Healthcare Ransomware Crisis: How to Bolster Defenses and Reduce Risk

Healthcare organizations continue to be primary targets for ransomware attacks. Some of the well-publicized attacks from the last few years highlight the severe impact these attacks can have on healthcare organizations and patients. ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in Security

Lamoille Health Partners Reaches Settlement Following Ransomware Attack

The Vermont-based health system faced an attack in June of 2022. ... Read more
| Author Abby Grifno, tagged in

Ransomware Epidemic: Why Hospitals Have Become Prime Targets for Cyber Criminals

Ransomware attacks on hospitals are increasing in frequency and severity. These attacks—in which cybercriminals hold patient data and IT systems hostage, demanding ransom to restore access—can severely disrupt hospital operations and endanger ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Security

Ransomware Resilience and Recovery for Hospitals Using Epic EHR

Ransomware threats are increasing in healthcare. In the event of an attack, the common response is to shut down the electronic health records (EHR) system, along with disaster recovery (DR) and reporting environments, effectively thwarting the ... Read more
| Author Tom Burge, tagged in Epic EHR

Ransomware: The Digital Plague Infecting Hospitals Across America

Ransomware attacks on hospitals are increasing in frequency and severity. Hospitals are faced with significant financial consequences beyond ransom payments. Meanwhile, by blocking access to essential patient data and forcing the shutdown of ... Read more
| Author Gerry Miller, tagged in Security

HITRUST on Google Cloud: A Guide for Getting Started

Healthcare organizations often choose to build and run their applications on public cloud platforms for their flexible pricing, scalability, security, and cutting-edge technologies. Many also recognize the potential benefits of using cloud services ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in HITRUST

Top Challenges to Generative AI Adoption

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents one of the most significant technological shifts in recent years, offering new opportunities for innovation across various sectors, from healthcare to retail. However, its adoption is not without ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in generative AI

Seven Steps to Get Your Data Ready for Generative AI in Healthcare

Getting the data ready for AI is anything but simple. Healthcare data is often siloed across multiple environments, such as legacy applications, cloud environments, or on the edge. It can also be written in a variety of different coding languages, ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in generative AI

HITRUST Vs. SOC 2? Choose the Best Compliance Framework for Your Healthcare Data

Understanding HITRUST vs SOC 2 Safeguarding customer information and adhering to strict government regulations are critical for healthcare organizations. But organizations must do more: They must also prove compliance and provide assurances to ... Read more
| Author Tom Burge, tagged in

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