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How to Get HITRUST Certified - Follow These 7 Steps

As more health information is managed and stored in cloud systems, the attack surface area increases and so does the potential for sensitive data to be exposed. In fact, the number of healthcare data breaches recorded has more than tripled in the ... Read more
| Author Jerry Shaffer, tagged in HITRUST

Choosing a HITRUST Assessor: Seven Things to Look For

Engaging with an external assessor is a critical part of the process to get ready for your HITRUST assessment. In fact, the earlier you start to engage with the assessor firm, the better. Since you’ll be working with them closely for a long time, ... Read more
| Author Jerry Shaffer, tagged in HITRUST

AWS Savings Plans Guide 2023

Cloud platforms such as AWS offer companies in the healthcare space a number of important cost advantages.  ... Read more
| Author Robert Wagner, tagged in aws cost optimization

Top Five Cloud Challenges of 2023 – and How to Overcome Them

The Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report is here. According to the report, organizations are embracing cloud technologies, with 96% of all organizations using public cloud to some degree. This means good news for companies wishing to achieve ... Read more
| Author Boseme Mukete, tagged in aws cost optimization

Unpacking HITRUST CSF v11 – What's New and Important?

Since 2007, the vaunted HITRUST CSF certification has been helping organizations in a variety of highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare, demonstrate their commitment to safety and security.  ... Read more
| Author Jerry Shaffer, tagged in HITRUST

Top 9 Cybersecurity Threats for 2023

Whether it's online dating and grocery delivery or cryptocurrencies and autonomous vehicles, nearly every aspect of our lives has been utterly transformed by modern computing. ... Read more
| Author Cody Malloy, tagged in Security, cloud security

Azure FHIR Services Vs. Google Cloud Healthcare API – Which one is right for you?

Exchanging health data between systems has historically been plagued by interoperability issues. Disparate systems and differing encoding systems, like HL7 and CCDA, make it difficult for health systems to talk to one another. ... Read more
| Author Karl Reeves, tagged in healthcare data interoperability, fhir

Cloud-Based FHIR Services - Are they right for you?

In the past, varying healthcare data standards, such as HL7 and CCDA, made it difficult for systems to exchange information. The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard aims to solve this problem by providing a robust, consistent ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in fhir