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MSPs With Lax Security Measure Are Compromising Client Environments, Says Louisiana Secretary of State

If you've tuned into the cybersecurity news lately, you'll notice many MSPs are being challenged with having lax security measures for the businesses and government entities they service. 

At a recent meeting of the National Association of Secretaries of State, Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin took a swipe at MSPs. "MSPs attempt to protect systems on a 'very basic level' to ensure operability," he stated. He went on to further describe detection and prevention – explaining the state of Louisiana's recent experiences with ransomware attacks.

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| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Security, cloud security

5 Benefits of Kubernetes for Healthcare

In today’s digital economy, nearly every company is a software company to some degree. In the healthcare field, organizations of all sizes leverage technology to improve patient to provider communication, deliver faster services, and reduce costs. However, this often leads to complex infrastructures that rely on an abundance of applications.

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| Author Kate Wang, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes

How Cloudticity Automates Kubernetes on AWS

As healthcare organizations leverage the public cloud to build complex multi-tiered applications, they are finding it increasingly difficult to deploy and manage these systems in a secure, scalable, and consistent manner.  To solve some of these problems, organizations are turning to containerization as a means to provide a consistent deployment and operational platform regardless of environment.

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| Author Rob Williams, tagged in kubernetes, managed kubernetes

AWS Savings Plans 2020

AWS has introduced two new Savings Plans this year. They both offer substantial savings compared to On-Demand compute pricing.  The Savings Plans can be used in conjunction with Reserved Instances (RIs).  

Read this blog to understand the differences between the Savings Plans and RIs, as well as the pros and cons of each Savings Plan, so that you can choose the plan that’s right for you.

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| Author Nicole Chaika, tagged in aws cost optimization, cloud cost, aws savings plans