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Is AWS HIPAA Compliant? Everything You Need to Know

Healthcare providers, payers, and technology partners are moving to the cloud in greater numbers than ever before. Cloud migration gives organizations within the healthcare industry better reliability, scalability, and security in ways that were ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Compliance, healthcare data management, health information exchange, telemedicine, telehealth, aws, managed services, managed security, technology, hipaa

What Is Infrastructure As Code? Everything you need to know

A major development in software development and IT operations has been the growth of the “DevOps” culture. This methodology seeks to combine the disciplines of development and operations. The result: shortened development cycles and a high level of ... Read more
| Author Karl Reeves, tagged in Technical Articles, DevOps, data, reliability, managed services, technology

HIPAA Compliance on Microsoft Azure: How to Achieve and Maintain

Moving the patient data of large healthcare organizations to the cloud simply makes sense. The reliability, redundancy, speed, and scalability of cloud platforms make them vastly superior to antiquated on-premises systems for the data-intensive ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Healthcare Industry, Compliance, Healthcare, cloud partner, cloud managed services, azure, hipaa

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework: Definitions & How It Works

Cloud migration has become increasingly important as companies and organizations discover the massive benefits as compared to physical on-premises servers. While it sounds like a simple maneuver to simply “switch over” to the cloud, the reality is ... Read more
| Author Gerry Miller, tagged in Healthcare Industry, Healthcare, cloud partner, cloud managed services, cloud migration, azure

A Guide to the AWS Well-Architected Framework

There are so many inherent advantages to migrating a company’s data to the cloud. Scalability, redundant backups, and flexibility are just a few. That being said, the quality of an organization’s cloud experience depends on following sound design ... Read more
| Author Karl Reeves, tagged in Healthcare Industry, Healthcare, aws

What is Cloud Management?

Over the last few years, the movement towards cloud computing architecture has accelerated to the point where it is nearly ubiquitous. Still, not every company has made a complete transition, and some are just looking to begin theirs.  ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in cloud managed services

5 Reasons Your Cloud Migration Isn’t Paying Off – Inside the Wall Street Journal's Cloud Snafu

Last week, The Wall Street Journal ran an article arguing that organizations are struggling to reap ROI from public cloud computing under the misleading headline CIOs Still Waiting for Cloud Investments to Pay Off. ... Read more
| Author Gerry Miller, tagged in cloud migration healthcare, cloud migration

What is a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)?

As cloud adoption rates continue to grow with every passing day, many modern organizations are making it one of their top business priorities to seek out the best practices for a cloud implementation strategy.  ... Read more
| Author Karl Reeves, tagged in

Optimizing Cost by Migrating Epic Functions to AWS

It’s well known that moving your Epic EHR/EMR software to AWS delivers a range of benefits, including significant cost savings. But how exactly does that work?  Where are the actual cost savings?  ... Read more
| Author Karl Reeves, tagged in aws, Epic

Running Epic on AWS: Is it right for your hospital?

Healthcare industry analysts disagree often, but on one issue, they speak with one voice: The future of healthcare is in the cloud. For years, healthcare has trailed other industries in cloud adoption – now, that gap is narrowing. According to a ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in aws, Epic

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