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Kaiser Permanente Faces Data Breach and Continued Repercussions

In April, Kaiser Permanente disclosed they had faced a large data breach in 2023. Now, as more details roll in and the lawsuits pile up, Cloudticity takes a look at what happened and what’s next for Kaiser. ... Read more
| Author Abby Grifno, tagged in Security

Ransomware Detection: Strategies for Identification and Response

For healthcare organizations, ransomware continues to be a major threat. Attackers know that if they can hold patient data hostage and disrupt critical services, they might successfully pressure organizations into paying large ransoms. ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in ransomware

Ransomware Protection and Defense: A Comprehensive Guide

Ransomware attacks are among the most disruptive and costly cybersecurity incidents experienced by healthcare organizations and other businesses. Attackers see a tremendous opportunity to extract large sums of money by holding data hostage. And by ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in Security

Ascension Faces Major Data Breach Due to Ransomware

The nonprofit health system detected a breach on May 8th and is beginning to restore operations. ... Read more
| Author Abby Grifno, tagged in Security

The 5 Most Dangerous Types of Ransomware You Need to Know About

Since the first ransomware incident more than 30 years ago, attackers have continuously modified their techniques. They have devised different ways to access computer systems, prevent users from accessing critical data, and drive organizations to ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in ransomware

Top 10 Healthcare IT Security Companies in 2024

Understanding Healthcare IT Security Companies With cyberattacks on the rise in the healthcare industry, many healthcare organizations are looking to implement new cybersecurity capabilities and institute best practices to fortify their defenses. ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in Security

The Devastating Impact of Cyberattacks on Hospitals and Patient Care

Cyberattacks on Hospitals: A Growing Threat Recent cyberattacks on hospitals underscore the very serious security threats that all healthcare organizations face today. Incidents affecting Lurie Children’s Hospital and Ardent Health Services, as well ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in Security

Generative AI in Healthcare: Benefits, Use Cases, and Getting Started

The healthcare sector has seen remarkable shifts as it adapts to evolving patient care needs and business standards. Patients today expect convenience, digital communication tools, and coordinated care. The rise of digital health technologies has ... Read more
| Author Kate Wang, tagged in generative AI

HITRUST on Azure: A Guide for Getting Started with Cloudticity

HITRUST certification can be extremely valuable to healthcare organizations. By proving compliance with strict healthcare regulations for data security and privacy, including HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), ... Read more
| Author Josh Ray, tagged in HITRUST

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