Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™: How Organizations Are Using It For COVID-19 Response & Recovery

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Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™, a next-gen data platform purpose-built to transform healthcare data into actionable insights, puts real-time data in the hands of public health. The solution is currently being used by several states to provide COVID-19 surveillance as well as to inform the response and recovery.

How Does It Work?

When a COVID-19 patient is admitted, clinical and lab data flow through the data exchange to a data lake where it can be visualized on a dashboard in real time. From there, public health organizations can run queries on the data lake or leverage Cloudticity Healthcare DataView™ to have data insights delivered as a service.

By making COVID-19 data visible in real time, public health departments and state officials gain a holistic view into each state or region’s needs and risks and can discover strategic interventions and solutions.


What Insights Are We Discovering?

Comorbidities: What variables signal higher risk for an individual’s hospitalization and ventilation?

Patient trends: How do various patient trends impact length of stay, discharge disposition, recovery rate, and reinfection?

Hospital capacity: In what geographic areas does the COVID-19 impact exceed hospital capacity? In what areas will the COVID-19 impact exceed hospital capacity in the future?

Resource allocation: What population can we presume is positive for COVID-19 so my agency can prioritize testing individuals caring for the sick that may be early on in the incubation period of the disease?

Managing ventilator inventory: What does my present and future ventilator inventory look like? When can I expect a ventilator to be freed up?

Social determinants of health: What socioeconomic trends can we identify? How does opioid use affect COVID-19 patients?

Genetic predispositions: Which genes are linked to complications? Which genes are linked to mild or asymptomatic patients?

Building risk profiles: How is COVID-19 impacting various patient/population profiles and trends?

Contact tracing: Based on the fact that I am seeing these different COVID-19 strains in this particular zip code, which countries/cities did the infection most likely travel from? 

Tracking recoveries: How many have recovered vs. not recovered? By providing a true denominator that tracks patients from disease to recovery, your agency can more accurately report out statistics around risk factors, reinfection, and infection rates. 

Government policies: Is it safe to lighten government restrictions in a particular zip code? When will it be safe?

Use Case Spotlight: Ron’s Story

The Jefferson County hospital was at near capacity with COVID-19 patients when Dr. Cruz learned they were out of ventilators. Then, her patient Julian started having breathing problems.

Her first thought was, oh no, we’re out of ventilators. If this continues, Ron will die. 

But then she remembered the new computer software was monitoring her region’s ventilator inventory. She learned that, according to the systems machine learning model, a ventilator wouldn’t be freed up at Jefferson for several days, but that a hospital just ten miles away had a few available.

Because she was able to get the information she needed right away, she was able to track down a ventilator in time to save Ron’s life.


What Can Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub Do For You?

Cloudticity has deployed the solution for several states and the results have been incredible. 

"We’ve been able to reduce our time-to-value of data from months to just minutes. We can make informed decisions and quickly respond to changes that improve our response and results."
– Chief Medical Informatics Officer, large HIE

If you're interested in gaining a full view into your COVID-19 data, reach out to Cloudticity to learn more about Healthcare DataHub. Or download the free eBook  to learn more about the solution.


About Cloudticity:

Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations radically reshape healthcare by unlocking the full potential of cloud innovation. Cloudticity has built some of the largest healthcare systems on AWS, including the first patient portal on AWS, the first HIE, the first FISMA high deployment on AWS GovCloud, and the first Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) compliance for a large hospital system. Cloudticity is a HITRUST-certified cloud partner for healthcare.


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