How Cloudticity Customers Are Helping To Fight COVID-19

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Never before in history has the entire healthcare industry been solely focused on the same thing, until now. 

The good news is that the cloud offers the flexibility, the agility, and the instant scalability needed to enable healthcare organizations to pivot their technology plans, innovate fast, and meet the evolving demands of the pandemic, without compromising security.

Here at Cloudticity, it’s our mission to help healthcare organizations make the world healthier by enabling them to innovate fast on the cloud. We’ve been moved by how our customers are responding to the pandemic and wanted to share. 

Leveraging their innovative, cloud-native platforms, these healthcare technology companies are working fast to help people stay healthy, improve the value of healthcare data, and save lives. Here is how four Cloudticity customers are helping with the pandemic:

1. Caredove – Connecting People With the Care They Need

Caredove is an eReferral platform that helps connect people with the community care they need. When the pandemic first broke out, a lot of health services became unavailable. Caredove quickly adapted their platform to ensure people could get access to the services they needed to keep them healthy at home. Services like grocery or pharmacy delivery, virtual counseling, and telephone health checks are all made available to the isolated and vulnerable through several Caredove microsites that service different geographical areas in Canada.

According to Jeff Doleweerd, Caredove’s CEO, the cloud enables them to iterate quickly and build on their platform as demand evolves. “Because of our platform built on AWS and hosted with Cloudticity, if we do one thing for one customer we can easily deploy it for others right away, which has allowed us to build a robust platform and adapt to changes fast,” says Doleweerd. Check out to learn more.

2. Revel Health – Keeping People Informed and Healthy

Revel Health is a next-gen healthcare technology company that helps healthcare organizations move people to better health through intelligent, multi-channel communications. Since COVID-19 hit, they’ve been focused on leveraging their extensive behavioral health research in order to help providers and payers keep patients healthy. From enabling patients to take advantage of telehealth services and stay out of hospitals to helping people stay on top of preventive healthcare while at home, Revel Health is leveraging its cloud-based platform to help keep the population informed and healthy. You can check out this blog to learn how health payers can help their members stay safe.

“The way we’ve built our platform in AWS–to be loosely coupled and configurable–really allows us to pivot and respond quickly to the different demands or changes in the market,” says Scib Ebel, SVP of Technology & CISO at Revel Health. “Our mission is to make the world a healthier place, and we are really living that right now,” he added. 

3. OneRecord – Empowering Individuals To Make Their Data Meaningful

OneRecord is a consumer-facing application that enables users to access and aggregate their medical records and healthcare data via secure interoperability APIs. With the pandemic rapidly growing, OneRecord began exploring ways to leverage its consumer base to help scientists get more data for their research. While OneRecord aims to help scientists and continues to explore additional ways to contribute to the COVID situation, the company is also empowering individuals to get involved now. By donating their data to healthcare research, individuals can help accelerate disease research and contribute to the pandemic in a meaningful way.

As more patients become infected, demand for the OneRecord app is increasing rapidly. The OneRecord IT team has been working with Cloudticity to ensure their architecture is ready to handle the influx so they can continue to serve their customers in need.

“With our app built on AWS and hosted with Cloudticity, we’re available anywhere, anytime. We can quickly scale to the need of the workload which enables us to be a better partner to our growing customer base,” said Tone Southerland, CTO. Learn more at

4. Diameter Health –  Making COVID-19 Data More Interoperable

Diameter Health technology normalizes, cleanses, deduplicates, and enriches raw healthcare data so it can be put to use by healthcare organizations for analytics and many other use cases. When the pandemic hit, Diameter Health focused on empowering its clients to get the most out of COVID-19 related data by sharing best practices for querying and providing guidance on codes, terminologies, and terms specific to the emerging virus. Diameter Health also continuously works with standard bodies in order to make clinical data more interoperable.

According to John D’Amore, co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, the cloud enables Diameter Health to be more responsive to customers. “As we see more activity related to the coronavirus, the cloud allows us to readily scale.” You can learn more about Diameter Health’s healthcare data platform here.

Innovation With a Common Purpose

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the healthcare industry faster than a brush fire, it seems everyone in healthcare has stopped what they were doing in order to focus on the cause. Fortunately, the cloud allows the ability for healthcare IT to execute new initiatives fast.

If you’re an IT professional at a healthcare company looking to innovate fast on the cloud, reach out to Cloudticity to learn how we can help. 


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