Abstract: Healthcare’s Journey to the Cloud

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

This month, Medical Economics published an article by Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explaining that the role of the MSP in healthcare IT is “ to radically streamline cloud migration, implementation processes, compliance controls, and ongoing data management safeguards for perpetual preparedness, reliability, and efficiency.”

A good managed service provider can prove pivotal for digital transformation. In Healthcare’s cloud journey, Gerry writes: “Today, making the journey to the cloud is much like any other journey. If you need to travel far and fast, you fly. And unless you’re an outrageously wealthy eccentric, you don’t build your own plane and become a jet pilot in order to get where you want to go. You book an airline ticket.

Our world has a robust transportation infrastructure and thriving ecosystem of associated services staffed by trained professionals who can affordably and efficiently meet your travel needs. It’s a necessarily complex and multilayered environment with a litany of technical and regulatory rules and requirements that can and do cause frustration. But it works. Every day, millions of people jet quite freely, safely, and reliably around the globe at their discretion.

The same is true in IT terms for organizations making the cloud journey.

Cloud service providers (CSPs) — as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google — essentially supply and maintain the ‘airspace’ and many of the essentials required for flight, while an abundant network of partner organizations and managed services providers (MSPs) supply various forms of assistance in everything from initial onboarding to staying aloft long term and future-proofing tomorrow’s travels.”

To learn more about how that works in healthcare with compliance standards such as HIPAA and the ONC Final Rule or frameworks such as the HITRUST CSF,  read the full article here.