Undaunted by Pandemic Challenges, Cloudticity™ Celebrates Continued Growth

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

Prioritizing People and Processes Aided Company Advancement

SEATTLE — August, 5, 2021 — Cloudticity​, a next-gen managed services, compliance, and security partner for healthcare organizations, today announced continued growth in 2021, as demonstrated by business acceleration, key product upgrades, top industry rankings, and an unswerving concentration on customer success.

Focused exclusively on helping public, private, and government organizations quickly harness the power of the cloud to radically reshape healthcare, Cloudticity continues to show accelerating momentum. In 2020, it recorded a 58% increase in year-over-year revenues, a 40% increase in customers served, and a 62% increase in headcount. 

Cloudticity’s growth projections continue apace in 2021. The company recorded an additional 15% growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in the first half 2021, and a 20% increase in headcount during the same period. Cloudticity remains focused on maximizing every opportunity for healthcare organizations to digitize, automate, and connect for success.

“Our mission at Cloudticity has always been to solve some of the healthcare industry’s most pressing and complex technology challenges. 2020 proved the critical need for healthcare IT to keep pace with rapidly changing demands and regulations. As a digital enablement partner for healthcare organizations in this environment, we stretch for milestones that demonstrate powerful IT optimization capabilities and successful support of our clients,” said Gerry Miller, Cloudticity founder and CEO. “By leveraging the strength of our internal programs, teams, and new hires, our capacity to advance our product capabilities has positioned us for a steady surge in market momentum in 2021.”

“HealthMyne is ecstatic to have received our HITRUST certification for the HealthMyne Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by Cloudticity, and we are thankful to Cloudticity for playing a key role in enabling this significant achievement. Obtaining HITRUST certification can be a lengthy and laborious process. Cloudticity's innovative and scalable compliance solutions and expertise greatly eased the effort.” said Derek Cooper, SVP of Customer Success and Privacy Officer at HealthMyne®, “Receiving HITRUST certification means that HealthMyne can clearly demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and top-notch cybersecurity. Being able to showcase these strengths is such an important differentiator and has been tremendous for our business and customer satisfaction.”

Recent Cloudticity Healthcare Product and Solution Milestones

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About Cloudticity

Founded in 2011, Cloudticity is a digital enablement partner for the healthcare industry. Through groundbreaking automation and deep cloud expertise, Cloudticity solutions empower healthcare organizations to create and scale the next generation of healthcare solutions. Distinguished for having built some of the earliest and largest health systems on the cloud, including the first patient portal, the first health information exchange (HIE), the first FISMA high deployment, and the first Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) compliance attestation for a large hospital system, Cloudticity enables healthcare to thrive in the digital era. Innovate faster, improve care, maintain compliance, and drive long-term growth with Cloudticity managed solutions. For more information, visit http://www.cloudticity.com.

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