Cloud Adoption in Healthcare: Breaking the Barriers into a Healthier World

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We all know that America is in the midst of a public health crisis and that we will face a shortage of up to 95,000 physicians by 2025. The good news is that there are many technologists out there who see the problem and are actively creating solutions to fix it.

Caredove, for example, is an e-referral platform that is connecting infants with screening programs in order to identify and stop the development of life-altering diseases. Boston Children’s Hospital, too, created an Alexa-based ICU tool that helps streamline clinical operations, freeing up hospital bandwidth. Similarly, Cloudticity offers data interoperability solutions that collect, manage, and analyze data, allowing healthcare, life science, and genomic companies to spend less time trying to make sense of their data and more time actively helping the world.

The Catch

But with the adoption of cloud native-technologies comes the reality of a security and compliance landscape full of new challenges. Compliance in the cloud is a different beast than compliance on premises. It’s not enough to prove compliance at a point in time. You have to demonstrate that your organization has put the tools in place to maintain compliance continuously.

Then there’s HITRUST. If you’re a health-tech SaaS company, you probably realize that most payers and providers won’t do business with you without proof of HITRUST CFR certification. Then comes the uphill battle of getting certified, which, without expert guidance, can take up to a year to complete, diverting precious time and resources in the process.

On the provider and payer side, you may be looking to adopt innovative, cloud-native technologies that improve your business. These technologies are great, but without an advanced cloud program in place they can add complexity to security and compliance. It can take significant resources to manage in-house, not to mention the shortage of cloud talent on the market, making building a team no easy feat.

The Silver Lining

The good news is, unlike managing compliance in traditional data centers, the cloud gives us the unique ability to address security and compliance using automation. This means that most of the controls that are traditionally managed manually – from encryption to patching to key rotation – can be automated, freeing up developers to focus on innovation and speed.

This level of automation, also known as NoOps, requires a deep understanding of cloud and demands the expertise of an experienced healthcare-focused cloud partner who knows the right combination of tools to use and how they are best configured.

Several MSP’s out there claim to do this, but most of these vendors require clients to submit a ticket in order to provision new infrastructure, which stifles agility. You want to find a cloud partner that can automate over 90% of cloud processes.

Unfogging the Window to See Healthcare's Future

What lies ahead of us is a reimagined healthcare system fueled by cloud automation. Software will do what software does best – aggregate data, maintain compliance, and manage infrastructure – while humans will do what humans do best – create innovative software that makes humans healthier.

This future is within our grasp. The only thing standing in our way is a lack of cloud automation, which is hindering cloud adoption. Here at Cloudticity, it’s our mission to help healthcare, life science, and genomic organizations remove the roadblocks associated with cloud transformation in order to get to the cloud with ease, develop better technology, and create a healthier, happier world. Speak with a specialist to get on the fast track to the cloud today.

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