MagicBox: The End-To-End Solution For HITRUST Certification

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HITRUST certification is many things. It’s a shortcut to securing your system against the danger of data breaches; a process for ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulations; and a competitive edge for your business in the increasingly crowded healthcare information security space. One thing it is definitely not, however, is an easy accomplishment.

That’s why we collaborated in the creation of MagicBox. The brainchild of Cloudticity and BEYOND LLC, MagicBox is the first and only end-to-end HITRUST solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Leveraging the automated efficiencies of Cloudticity Oxygen™ and with a laser focus on HITRUST, MagicBox is the key to unlocking a more efficient and consistent timeline to HITRUST certification.

Introducing MagicBox

With our Oxygen platform, Cloudticity was the first managed service provider to demonstrate that it is possible to store, manage, and retrieve protected health information (PHI) in the cloud. With this cloud-based, HITRUST-certified platform, we brought digital healthcare into the modern age, reimagining what the space could look like.

Now, using that same breakthrough integration of cloud-driven technology and one-on-one guidance from a HITRUST expert, MagicBox is reinventing the certification process. Just as we turned physical data centers into relics from digital healthcare’s past, we’re transforming companies’ timelines for reaching secure and compliant cloud-based networks.

From Ripple To Wave

Every healthcare organization knows both the importance and the difficulties of HITRUST certification. Providers and payers alike have declared that they won’t do business with any organization that hasn’t achieved HITRUST certification, leading to an industry-wide ripple effect that has created a tidal wave of incentive and opportunity.

The Challenges Of HITRUST

Two basic barriers create delays in executing an efficient timeline to achieving HITRUST certification.

One barrier is the sheer complexity of HITRUST. Currently, the HITRUST CSF (certified security framework) monitors 1,800 potential controls across multiple regulatory bodies. These guidelines are constantly changing, so businesses must continually respond to them and update their processes – or put in place automated tools that do so for them.

Having so many controls to satisfy creates another barrier – the need for extensive resources and expert guidance. Achieving HITRUST certification without an experienced cloud partner is virtually impossible. And in terms of both time and resources, satisfying HITRUST guidelines means considerable pressure on your bottom line.

Such pressures are increasingly shaping the digital healthcare space. As you may have read in our September newsletter, an annual survey from the American College of Healthcare Executives revealed that 57% of healthcare CEOs say reducing operating costs is a major concern, and 48% identify transitioning from volume to value as also crucial.

By offering shortcuts to cutting costs and refocusing on value, achieving HITRUST certification addresses both concerns. And businesses that leverage MagicBox not only address these pains and set themselves apart, they do so on an accelerated timeline to compliance.

MagicBox And Oxygen: A Match Made In The Cloud

You’ve probably been wondering how MagicBox fits in with Oxygen’s suite of automated tools. How are they different? Where do they overlap? Will introducing MagicBox affect the way you use Oxygen?

MagicBox is not simply a new service or update. If you’re currently an Oxygen user, you don’t need to purchase MagicBox to continue benefiting from Oxygen’s AWS services. Instead, MagicBox maps Oxygen’s automated technology specifically to the HITRUST CSF.

Behind the Scenes

As the first managed service provider to compliantly manage PHI in the cloud, Cloudticity has long been at the leading edge of our field. However, as we continued to track changes in the digital healthcare space, we recognized our customers’ ongoing and increasing needs for HITRUST certification.

While Oxygen already served to make certification timelines faster, cheaper, and simpler, we wanted to ensure that certification was as much a priority for us as it was for our customers.

Enter MagicBox

That’s where MagicBox came in. Just as choosing the right cloud provider can accelerate certification by up to 50%, MagicBox represents our redoubled commitment to helping our customers streamline their journeys to HITRUST certification.

Drawing from a selection of Oxygen’s fully automated tools to satisfy over 200 HITRUST controls, deploying MagicBox can get you halfway to certification on day one. By contrast, our leading competitors’ managed services automate for only a tenth of that number. And because we continue to develop Oxygen, the number of controls will only continue to grow.

Keep in mind that HITRUST certification is good for two years, with an interim assessment each year. To pass these assessments, you’ll simply tell your HITRUST assessor that MagicBox is your solution for continued satisfaction of the controls you’ve been assigned.

Cloudticity’s focus on building ongoing partnerships also means that these benefits don’t simply end once assessment is over. We will continually monitor changes to the HITRUST CSF and update MagicBox accordingly, putting customers on the cutting edge of compliance.

Oxygen, Enriched

By fine-tuning the advanced automated solutions of Oxygen and aiming them at HITRUST, Cloudticity continues to offer irreplaceable competitive advantages for businesses, minimizing their costs and investment of internal resources.

However, we also recognize that not every customer has the same security and compliance needs. If you’ve already achieved HITRUST certification, or if your organization hasn’t yet decided to make the leap to achieving certification of its own, you can continue to leverage Oxygen services to create and manage innovative tools within AWS.

Additionally, even as we continually add new services that revolutionize organizations’ HITRUST journeys, Oxygen continues to evolve as well: Our team added 37,000+ lines of code to Oxygen software repositories and solved 4,000 help desk tickets last month alone. Now as always, we are constantly thinking through and responding to our customers’ needs.

Going Beyond

The length and scope of your HITRUST timeline typically depends on what controls your assessor determines you need to satisfy. Thanks to our partnership with BEYOND LLC, a HITRUST assessor and our collaborator in creating MagicBox, we’re working to eliminate those contingencies and ensure you know exactly what to expect going into the certification process.

A healthcare compliance company focusing on one-to-one solutions, BEYOND is a HITRUST-certified CSF assessor organization. Its team brings decades of experience in internal audits, information security, and regulatory administration to help guide you through the certification process.

While we chose to partner with BEYOND’s experts because they understand both Oxygen and HITRUST, we also want to allow for as much flexibility as possible. If you’re already working with another HITRUST assessor, or have someone else in mind, we’ll continue to provide expert one-on-one guidance as you leverage MagicBox for your security and compliance needs.

Seeing Is Believing

Cloudticity has remained a leading cloud solution on AWS because we both maintain our services and continually invest in new ones. While you’ll probably hear about other cloud solutions that claim to do the job of MagicBox in the future, Cloudticity has always been the first to find innovative solutions to its customers’ needs. It won’t be long till we work our magic yet again.

Discover what MagicBox has to offer.





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