Cloud power drives superpowered healthcare

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

MedCity News recently published an article authored by Cloudticity Founder and CEO Gerry Miller explaining Supercharged IT, superclouds, and superpowered healthcare – what they can deliver.

In regards to explaining how supercharged IT is enabled by modern cloud infrastructure, Gerry notes that “it’s difficult to rectify the sheer magnitude of differences in both fundamental operation and capability between legacy on-premise infrastructure and cloud infrastructure. Picture someone from the horse-and-buggy age being presented with access to a rocket ship and trying to conceptualize whether it will fit in the barn or what to feed it. That’s kind of where healthcare finds itself.”

Gerry explains what’s driving 2022 hype around “superclouds,” and notes that a lot of the “current excitement about the concept is centered around making everything portable across existing hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and the big business potential in constructing specialized clouds on top of them.”

But for healthcare organizations, “The real magic of cloud power today isn’t really in portable IT workloads; it’s in the vendor-specific cloud-native services that the big hyperscalers supply.”

To illustrate what can be achieved, Gerry outlines how cloud power increases healthcare power and has enabled some phenomenal recent healthcare advancements — including a new Guinness world record!To learn more about supercharged IT, superclouds, and superpowered healthcare, read the full article here.