Oxygen Release Notes for November 2018

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.
  • OS-Level Compliance Checks
    • We have developed an automated process for running server-level compliance checks using Chef Inspec. Our current suite of checks are based on the DevSec Hardening Framework and include specific checks from the windows-baseline and linux-baseline repositories. Once installed, the compliance checks will run every day with results posted to the Oxygen dashboards.  The compliance checks are configured to run by using server tagging to identify each server to be included in the daily process.  OS-Level Compliance checks are not installed in your account by default, but you can request installation by reaching out to Cloudticity support.

  • EC2 Inventory
    • We have created a process for gathering high-level information on your fleet of EC2 instances.  This process runs from the Cloudticity management account every 12 hours and collects the latest information on your EC2 instance configuration including: tagging, ssm agent status, installed services, os platform type, os version, etc.  We are currently using this information in our internal processes used to track ssm installations and proper tagging.   Future plans include adding alerts for new instances (if requested), compliance-based configuration issues, and outdated OS platforms.  

Coming Soon

  • Migration to Trend Micro Deep Security 11.2
    • The latest version of Trend Micro Deep Security offers an exciting set of features including: support for containers, improved api interaction, improvements in event notifications, inactive agent cleanup, and automatic malware agent updates.  Along with these improvements, we will be offering deeper integration between server agent events and our support ticket system, giving you immediate feedback and potential resolution for critical events.  We will also be adding new dashboards to provide a quick summary of your EC2 security posture. 
  • Improved AWS Limit Detection
    • We are improving our AWS limit detection service to include direct customer feedback for increasing service limits. In addition to the current process of approving Cloudticity support to increase limits on your behalf, you will now be able to increase limits with a click of your mouse.

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