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Cloudticity CEO Gerry Miller featured on FedScoop discussing public sector cloud innovation for healthcare

Clouditicity founder and CEO Gerry Miller was recently interviewed by Wyatt Kash from Scoop News Group about how the cloud can help public sector organizations modernize their applications and infrastructure to better accomplish their healthcare missions.

Miller explained how a focus on data-led cloud migration both speeds and expands IT development and innovation capabilities for public health departments and other public sector entities:

“Traditionally, migrations have focused on specific application workloads which, while they contain data, constrain the usefulness of that data to a single use case…Data-led migration allows the data to lead, and then applications to be built around it. So by centering the data at the middle of the migration, you’re able to build multiple applications around the same data set providing significantly greater functionality and usefulness for the data.”

Citing a specific example of cloud value for public sector customers, Miller discussed Cloudticity’s effectiveness in aiding the New York State Department of Health in quickly upgrading data capabilities for COVID-19 pandemic response:

“When New York contacted us, it was March 23rd of last year, their first question was … ‘How many months will it take to stand up a data lake?’ And six days later we had an operational data lake. In an on-premises environment, you simply can't move that fast.”

Miller’s interview is featured  in a series of public sector video spotlights sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and featured on FedScoop detailing “how federal, state and local government, health and education leaders are taking advantage of readily-available cloud services — and the experience of best-of-breed cloud partners — to drive results at their organizations.”

Learn more about how working with AWS and its partner community speeds the time to value for public sector customers at Scoop News Group’s Accelerate Innovation with Data & Analytics.

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