Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub Now Available on AWS Marketplace: Public health organizations can now easily uncover real-time COVID-19 analytics to drive population health management

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90% of all COVID-19 data reported lacks the clinical depth needed to derive meaningful insights about how to respond to COVID-19. Because of this, many state departments of health (DOHs) and health information exchanges (HIEs) are struggling to integrate and analyze historical data on COVID-19 patients fast enough to gain relevant insights that can effectively drive critical response activities.

To make their jobs easier, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just made Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™, a next-generation data platform, available in AWS Marketplace. Our platform is purpose-built to enable healthcare leaders to quickly and cost-efficiently ingest, normalize, integrate, analyze, and report on healthcare data using 100% cloud-native services and groundbreaking automation. No physical infrastructure or tedious data transformation required. 

Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub has already been deployed where it is currently providing real-time insights into COVID-19:

  • Comorbidities linked with outcomes
  • Ventilator inventory, hospital capacity, and ICU beds needed
  • Admissions/discharges (length of hospitalization)
  • Symptoms
  • Geographic swells
  • Contact tracing

With the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, demand for the solution has sky-rocketed in the public sector. Making the offer available on AWS Marketplace will allow public health organizations to easily access and provision the solution. Now organizations can easily uncover real-time COVID-19 analytics to drive population health management strategies.

How It Works

By ingesting raw, real-time data in any format, automatically translating that data to Parquet format, and then consolidating it into a single, cloud-based environment, healthcare data analysts gain the ability to work with real-time clinical data on COVID-19 patients. Query the data using SQL syntax or more advanced tools like Spark and R. Train and leverage machine learning models to uncover deeper correlations.


The Cloud-Native Difference

In this fast-moving pandemic where what is relevant on Monday is no longer relevant by Wednesday, public health organizations need a solution that can streamline typically tedious data parsing activities so they can focus on analysis. One that can ingest vast scales of healthcare data, store the data with incredible cost-efficiency, and prove agile enough to provide analytics in real time.

To learn more about Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub for COVID-19 download the solution brief. Or access your subscription of Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub by signing up via the AWS Marketplace.

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