The Cloudticity Cloud Maturity Model: A Holistic Cloud Strategy For Healthcare

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Healthcare organizations face significant challenges due to the constraints of their legacy on-premise architectures. From expensive and inflexible storage to lengthy hardware provisioning processes, on-premise infrastructure is becoming outdated and insufficient for healthcare workloads.

At Cloudticity, we help healthcare organizations break free of their physical IT infrastructures in order to harness the power of faster innovation and reduce IT costs.

The results are eye-popping. We’ve seen healthcare companies move to the cloud and instantly realize 90% cost reductions. We’ve seen companies go from deploying code every couple of months on premises to deploying code every day in the cloud, leading to increases in productivity and exponential growth.

We understand how cloud transformation can impact healthcare companies, and how it can improve healthcare as a whole. We’ve also seen the various mistakes people can make when approaching the cloud and how the wrong move can harm security, compliance, and availability.

To address these and other problems, Cloudticity created a standard framework that charts how organizations can move from entry-level cloud usage to a fully mature implementation. This model provides the foundation for a holistic cloud strategy and can help healthcare organizations streamline security and compliance, increase availability, boost performance, and stake out thought leadership positions in the industry.

The Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) is designed around one goal: minimize security risk and maximize ROI as you race to the cloud. It’s the path we take our clients on, and it’s the journey that we recommend to any healthcare organization.

The model is broken up into five levels, each with a particular end goal in mind. For example, at Level 1 the client focuses on security and compliance, at Level 2 the client focuses on high availability, and so on. The framework is designed to optimize your time and resources while minimizing risk.

Here’s a summary of each stage of the CMM framework:

    • Level 1 - Beginner Cloud:
      • At this level, the client has a small cloud footprint or just moved to the cloud.
      • The benefits: increased agility, improved cost containment, gain the ability to experiment at a large scale.
      • We focus on security and compliance with the client.
    • Level 2 - Secure, Compliant Cloud:
      • Here the client experiences continuous security and compliance. 
      • The benefits: low security risk, easier compliance management.
      • We focus on implementing highly available architectures with the client.
    • Level 3 - Highly Available Cloud:
    • Level 4 - Well-Architected Cloud:
      • The client has completed a Well-Architected Review and implemented feedback from the results.
      • The benefits: low operational costs, high performance, fast development and deployment cycles.
      • We focus on helping the client become HITRUST CSF certified.
    • Level 5 - Role Model Cloud
      • The client is HITRUST certified and utilizes cloud-native technologies like serverless and containers.
      • The benefits: cloud thought leadership, fast innovation and growth.
      • We focus on helping the client leverage marketing and thought leadership opportunities that come from being a role model in the cloud.

The order in the CMM framework is important because this is how you will maximize the value of your input. For example, becoming HITRUST certified will be far more difficult to achieve if you haven’t implemented the Well-Architected Framework. In the same vein, implementing the Well-Architected Framework will be almost impossible if you haven’t tackled security and compliance and high availability first.

In coming blogs, we’ll explain more about how organizations are using the CMM framework to help them advance their cloud usage and improve their businesses.

If you want to learn more about the CMM framework schedule a free consultation to learn how Cloudticity can help you maximize ROI from your cloud journey.


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