Generating Business Value from the Public Cloud in Healthcare

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Moving to the cloud is a big decision that requires considerable investment in time and money. To make the case for the cloud, healthcare organizations often initially focus on the benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructure from the perspective of the CIO. Those benefits include increased agility, improved scalability, and lower operating costs. 

However, the value of the cloud permeates the entire organization in functions such as compliance, marketing, corporate operations, and even clinical operations. Providers who implement the public cloud can better adapt to rapid changes in demand, suffer fewer outages that affect employees and customers, and adopt innovative healthcare technologies that improve patient care and outcomes. Payers realize higher levels of productivity and can better support analytics to help reduce healthcare costs and drive marketing campaigns.

The journey to cloud business value in healthcare

Moving to the cloud is not a binary operation but a series of successive steps each of which leads to higher levels of cloud maturity, realizing more benefits at every stage. Cloudticity developed the Cloud Value Journey model to show how the business benefits of cloud accrue over time to stakeholders throughout the healthcare organization (see figure 1). By understanding where their organization stands at any given time, executives can better assess the opportunities that cloud currently provides as well as anticipate those in the future.

The stages of the journey include:

Transitioning: the first state of the journey offers benefits that are primarily visible to the CIO and CFO, but they highlight the fact that the cloud delivers tangible business value sooner rather than later.


  • Reduce costs
  • Scale and adapt seamlessly
  • Empower experimentation

Compliant: Some healthcare stakeholders are understandably concerned about moving PHI and other sensitive information out of the data center and into this nebulous thing called the cloud. Reaching the Secure & Compliant Cloud milestone can go a long way to reassuring stakeholders that moving to the cloud is more than just an IT thing, but delivers real benefits in other areas as well.


  • Share security responsibilities
  • Automate compliance
  • Mitigate risk

Reliable: Organizations rely on their infrastructures as a vital component of their business success, and nowhere more so than in healthcare. Among the reasons for the relatively slow adoption of the cloud by the healthcare industry are understandable concerns about the possible impact of outages on patient care and staff safety. Reaching the Reliable Cloud milestone delivers benefits throughout the healthcare organization


  • Boost productivity

  • Improve care delivery

  • Make better predictions

Optimized: Up to this part of the Cloud Value Journey, the benefits from cloud adoption are primarily tactical. Reaching the Optimized Cloud milestone opens up possibilities for strategic initiatives that can grow the business and drive new revenue streams. The organization has the agility, cost economies, and operational efficiency to win even in the most competitive situations.


  • Shorten time to value

  • Retarget capital investments

  • Accelerate innovation

Transformed: The destination of the Cloud Value Journey is the Transformed milestone, which puts the organization in the highest echelon of cloud maturity. The investment in cloud technology drives excellence across the board and leads to recognition by peers, analysts, press, and public. At this stage, the infrastructure essentially disappears from executive management’s radar screen, delivering unprecedented business agility and time to value that empowers top talent to think more strategically and do things that were once thought impossible. At this stage, cloud value permeates across the business units to HR, Marketing, and Sales.


  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Attract top talent
  • Expand geographically

Mapping out your path to success

Many healthcare organizations began to explore the cloud as a way to reduce costs or enhance scalability. But today they are beginning to see the cloud as a means to achieve additional, higher-level business outcomes—such as improving care, boosting revenue, and increasing competitiveness.  

Cloudticity has the experience and expertise to guide you through the stages of your cloud journey, achieving increasingly higher-level outcomes. Whether your company is just getting started in the cloud or whether you're well on your way, having a map to your destination can help you achieve your goals. Understanding where you stand on the framework will enable you to identify the opportunities in front of you. To learn more about the Cloud Value Journey model, download the full white paper here. Or schedule a free consultation to learn how we can work together to turn your healthcare cloud dreams into reality.


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