Scaling Healthcare Solutions with Automation

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Cloudticity, L.L.C.

We're honored that AWS recently posted an article on the Amazon Partner Network blog about Cloudticity's advanced automation for Cloudticity Oxygen™. Cloudticity Oxygen is a purpose-built managed services platform specifically designed to help healthcare organizations stay HIPAA compliant on AWS with 24x7x365 support, incident management, continuous compliance monitoring, automated remediation of problems, and a bulletproof security operations center.


We built Cloudticity Oxygen to provide AWS managed services to healthcare organizations at scale. We're passionate about healthcare, and focus on keeping your protected health information (PHI) secured on AWS, so you can focus on helping people stay healthy.

(We've also written guest posts on the AWS Management blog),

Learn More about Cloudticity's groundbreaking solutions, advanced automation, high-tech approaches, and deep love for keeping people healthy.

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