10 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

What sounded futuristic yesterday is increasingly commonplace today. In many cases, the transformation has been so seamless we expect our personal devices to perform tasks beyond their current capabilities. Here at Cloudticity, we’ve identified several trends that are shaping healthcare.

Shaping Healthcare

1. Healthcare for Everyone

Despite some resistance, the idea of healthcare for all is being widely accepted, and is likely to become the norm. More insured Americans means more consumers using technology to educate themselves on plans, providers and treatment options.

2. More Social Media Usage

We’re addicted to online networking. But unlike consumer brands, federal regulations had a noose on what pharmaceutical and healthcare companies could do online. That’s changing. Look for more interaction and customer support.

3. Lifestyle Data Monitoring Is Changing Behavior

Wearable and portable devices tracking personalized data are motivating posited lifestyle changes. Behavior change used to be the holy grail of healthcare marketing; now it’s readily attainable.

4. Mobile Platforms

If data and content aren’t mobile friendly, don’t bother. From Boomers on down, the mobile device is the go-to tool for information. In healthcare, devices are ubiquitous in brick-and-mortar health clinics and in the field.

5. 3D Printing

User friendly and cost effective, 3D printing is already hard at work in medicine — from implants to prosthetics.

6. Wearable’s That Monitor And Connect For DIY Care

The assiduously fit may sport their fitness wearables at health clubs, but these smart devices can also hold and transmit important health data for improved and sometimes instantaneous healthcare decisions by both you and your practitioner.

7. Improvements In Privacy Without Sacrificing Convenience

Cybersecurity is a hot issue in every industry, not just healthcare. Now that patients have come to expect on-demand, electronic data, more healthcare providers are relying on systems experts, like Cloudticity, to build and maintain secure systems.

8. Big Companies Are On Board

From technology giants like Amazon Web Services to social media companies, the big names are clamoring to give health-savvy consumers everything from online health forums to cloud data management. More competition often leads to more innovation.

9. Virtual And Augmented Reality

Video content that can play anywhere, and other technology platforms in this space, can increase medical training and development in previously unreachable locales — from inner cities, to rural villages in Africa. It may indeed seem as though we’re leaping through a time continuum.

10. Research-Oriented Marketing

Healthcare marketers are realizing that investing in research helps target specific audiences for optimum results. For pharmaceutical manufacturers this can highlight products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

10 Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

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