10 major benefits resulting from telehealth

Telehealth Benefits

Benefits of Telehealth

We at Cloudticity are leading the way in designing, building, managing, and hosting applications in the healthcare field. By embracing technology’s ability to make communication easier between patients and healthcare providers, we help all those involved provide better services and enhance the traditional level of healthcare.

One of the technologies we have integrated into our systems is the use of telehealth services. Defined by the Health Resources and Services Administration as the use of electronic information and telecommunications to support long-distance clinical healthcare, this new way of connecting patients and healthcare providers enhances patient and professional health-related education as well as public health and health administration services.

In an effort to help people better understand how telehealth helps raise the effectiveness of healthcare, we have prepared a list of 10 major benefits resulting from this technology. While this list does not incorporate every beneficial action of this system, it does help shed some useful insight into what this technology is doing to change the way healthcare is provided.

The benefits to patients

The goal of any healthcare service is to better patients’ lives no matter what type of situation they may be in. When it comes to telehealth, healthcare providers now have new access to communication that results in positive results. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting better outcomes: By using telehealth, patients now have timelier access to specialists they need to get the highest level of care associated with their clinical needs. With a world of information available at the touch of a button, patients no longer have limitations to the healthcare they can receive.
  • Reducing unnecessary actions: By avoiding unnecessary admissions and readmissions through remote monitoring and consultations, patients are better able to manage their health situations from the privacy of their own home.
  • Avoiding unnecessary transfers: With remote access to healthcare providers, patients have the ability for specialists to determine if a patient’s best interests lie in finding care in their local area, or elsewhere. This allows patients to remain closer to support systems such as their network of family and friends.

The benefits to healthcare providers

  • Extending reach: By providing remote access to patients, a doctor’s reach is literally limitless when it comes to providing expertise to the people that need it.
  • Increasing revenue: In some cases, healthcare providers may be able to earn on-call pay through teleconsulting.
  • Saving time: When a healthcare provider does not have to travel between facilities to see patients, they receive extra time in their schedules that helps with productivity and improvement of their services.

Benefits to the healthcare systems

  • Saving money: When specialist resources are used more effectively, the healthcare system experiences reduced costs. This not only helps avoid unnecessary steps; timely access to the right physician means extra time to help prevent adverse events.
  • Extending reach: Because telehealth uses common technology, the healthcare system can now increase the number of patients under its care and helps gain access to clinicians all over the world.
  • Gaining efficiency: With the help of reduced costs and a patient’s ability to gain access to the right clinician, the healthcare system will now be able to reduce inefficiencies that resulted from the old ways of doing things.
  • Helping save lives: The most important benefit resulting from telehealth is the ability to help as many patients as possible, thus saving lives. When more people have the ability to gain access to healthcare, and that healthcare system is more productive than ever, the level of healthcare patients get is increased to the greatest degree possible.

To learn more about telehealth services and how they can help your organization perform more efficiently, contact us today at Cloudticity. We look forward to providing you with more information.

10 major benefits resulting from telehealth

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