Best practices for patient appointment reminders

Patient Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminders: Way to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Two main technological powerhouses – mobile phones and email — now lead digital communication. In a recent study, Morgan Stanley estimated that 91% of Americans have a mobile device within arm’s reach 24 hours a day. Through mobile phones and email, a person has the ability to communicate with anyone on the face of the world as long as there is ample signal strength. Because most day-to-day communication happens through these media, health care providers have begun working with companies such as Cloudticity to develop and adopt new techniques for reminding patients of upcoming appointments.

According to an American Journal of Medicine study published in 2010, having the ability to remind patients of upcoming appointments reduces the chances of no-shows. Because patients that miss appointments represent a large loss to health care providers — and because missed appointments can negatively affect the health of the patient — we at Cloudticity have developed new ways to remind patients of appointments through the use of patient portals that leverage text messages, push notifications, and email reminders.

In the 2010 study, groups of people were sent different forms of reminders. One group had a phone reminder from a live staff person, another group had an automated phone call reminder, and the last group received no reminder at all. In the end, patients who received a phone call from a live person had a no-show rate of 13.6 percent, those who received the automated reminder had a no-show rate of 17.3 percent, and the ones who received no reminder had a no-show rate of 23.1 percent.

With the knowledge that reminders of any kind decrease the occurrence of no-shows, health care providers today are taking advantage of the latest software that makes use of email, text messages, and push notifications to send out appointment reminders. Depending on the individual needs of the patient and of the health care provider, there are a number of different software programs available that make this process easy and help increase profitability and patient health.

At Cloudticity, we are leading the industry in developing new designs for building, managing, and hosting applications for the health care field. Patient portals are one tool for facilitating communication with patients, not only to reduce no-shows, but also to provide convenience to both health care providers and patients. And as new ways communicating are developed, we will be at the forefront of integrating them into our services.

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Best practices for patient appointment reminders

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