Top 3 Ways to Earn Rewards for Working Out

Apps That Pay You to Exercise

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy and feel good. Everyone can admit that a little push to encourage a good workout is needed now and then. Whether it’s the respect of a workout partner or a promise of dessert at the end of the week, incentives can inspire anyone to get out and hit the gym. Thanks to technology, there are mobile apps and websites that are available where anyone can actually earn rewards just by working out!

1. GymPact

GymPact is a real motivator and has a very simple concept. For example, if I wanted to make money using GymPact all I would have to do is commit to working out a set amount of days during the week. On the other hand, if I decide to break my commitment to a healthier lifestyle I have to pay the consequences. (And yes that means real money!) How do I get paid? I get paid by the other GymPact members that did not keep their commitments. When I download the app, I enter in how much I will pay if I don’t eat healthy or workout regularly. If I don’t log my progress then I have to pay up. As long as I’m committed to being a better person and getting in shape then I will never have to worry about paying a dime.


2. Charity Miles

Many people are motivated by the chance of financial gain, but helping others can be an even stronger motivator. Before going out for the morning run, I can turn on the charity miles app. For every mile I run, walk, or bike, the app will contribute 10 cents to my charity of choice. Using this app allows you to feel good for helping to make a difference in others’ lives. One noteworthy charity highlighted in the app is Every Mother Counts, a maternal health organization that provides essential health care to expectant mothers in impoverished countries. Charity Miles currently host 31 charity partners so that allows the user to choose a new charity to represent every day of the month.


3. Runtastic

Despite the name, Runtastic is actually a collection of apps catering to individual tastes. Whether I like to run, bike, or do squats from time to time, Runtastic has an app for all of these activities. The app can track routes, distance, and time spent working out. The best part is that rewards like gift cards, jewelry, and even electronics can be earned just by using the app.


These are just a few of the many apps out there that encourage everyday people to get out and get moving. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to preserving longevity and having a sense of control. Working out can be not only fun, but a part of daily routines. Playing sports with friends on the weekends or walking the dog are fun simple ways to increase productivity and start earning those rewards!

Top 3 Ways to Earn Rewards for Working Out

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