The Top Apps to Help Manage Your Health

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One of the best things about having apps available today is the fact that there are several designed to help you enjoy better health management. The major advantage of apps is that they are available when you’re on-the-go. You don’t have to store everything in your head or carry around medical documents to ensure you stay on track. With these health management apps, you can also track your goals over time and see how you are measuring up. You’ll find Abriiz and Caremerge make it much easier to live your life to the fullest.logo@2x


Abriiz is an app that connects you with case managers, family and friends to provide support and guidance as you manage your health. This multiple condition management app works for health issues like heart disease, diabetes and asthma so you can stay on top of your wellness needs.

With the mobile app, you can:

  • Track your improvement including daily numbers, big changes and health milestones.
  • Set reminders so you never forget medication or other daily medical needs.
  • Reap the rewards when you make healthy choices and accomplish your goals.

Ideomed, was consumed by Spectrum Health, is now the parent company of Abriiz. The digital solutions company boasts a mission of changing health behavior for the better with their award-winning chronic condition & health self-management solution.



Caremerge believes care should be simple. This app allows you to access a HIPAA compliant interface that keeps care teams, families and patients in-the-know.

Everything is all in one place. This network joins patients with their families, healthcare providers and payers to access the information they need and stay on the same page when it comes to medical needs and health goals.

The 5 products offered by Caremerge are:

  • Family engagement
  • Community social
  • Clinical collaboration
  • Staff efficiency
  • Chronic care management

The app enables families to stay in touch and on top of their health, even if they live far away.

Other members enjoy the ability to see all medical information in one place, avoiding the need to keep track of paperwork, remember key information or search in different places to get answers.

Both of these apps will put you on the way to managing your health in new and better ways.

At Cloudticity, we understand the value of using technology to improve healthcare and the importance of keeping patient information safe and secure. That’s why we specialize in designing, building, managing and hosting applications for the healthcare field on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, we’re one of only seven AWS consulting partners worldwide with the Amazon Partner Network’s Healthcare Competency, an indicator that we have demonstrated the highest level of technical proficiency and proven customer success in the healthcare space.

The Top Apps to Help Manage Your Health

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