Benefits of a patient portal

Online Patient Portal

How a patient portal can benefit your patients

Healthcare consumers want direct access to their personal medical records, much like any other information, which creates unique challenges for today’s healthcare providers. Cloudticity can help design, build, and manage an online patient portal for your medical practice that is both patient-friendly and HIPAA compliant.

  1. Increased patient satisfaction and retention

If your office aims to provide top-tier customer service in addition to excellent health care, an online patient portal is an important investment. Patients are also customers with the ability to shop around. In this information era, when most people are accustomed to having on-demand access to information, a patient portal is a useful tool. It allows patients to control the flow of communication with doctors and nurses, with the convenience of booking appointments online rather than through a receptionist. This type of patient engagement not only increases satisfaction; it leads to a higher rate of patient retention for your office.

  1. Increased privacy and understanding

Portals allow your patients to review information such as lab work results from the privacy of their own homes, at their convenience. Patients benefit from seeing the results in writing as soon as they become available. Providing patients with more information leads to better understanding and better healthcare decisions in the long run. Cloudticity can create a flexible system to simplify the exchange of this highly personal information.

  1. Streamlined office procedures

Imagine an office that can focus more on healthcare and less on office administration and scheduling appointments. A patient portal can minimize the busywork for your staff and free up time for more important matters. By eliminating the middle man, healthcare professionals can communicate more effectively with patients by direct message at a place and time that’s convenient for all. A patient portal can allow doctors to tackle administrative items on the go from anywhere, using only a secure internet connection.

  1. Effectively tackle compliance issues

HIPAA compliance doesn’t have to be so cumbersome. Documents such as annual privacy notices can be easily disseminated en masse through a patient portal, rather than to a single patient at a time. A portal can also be used for any large scale announcement, such as the addition of a new doctor to the practice or a change in office hours. Be proactive about educating patients through a newsletter made available online through your new portal, created and implemented by the thought-leaders at Cloudticity.

  1. Meaningful use compliance

A patient portal will bring your practice one step closer to a fully-integrated electronic health records (EHR) system. Incentives are still available for hospitals and physicians who voluntarily adopt EHR measures in accordance with meaningful use criteria, but beginning in 2017 these incentives will be replaced with penalties for non-compliance. As with good health care, a preventative and proactive approach is recommended for those professionals seeking to avoid ailments in their own office systems.

Benefits of a patient portal

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